Oriel Jones Gallery

Brian is currently showing works as part of the oJg mid-Wales pop-up exhibition, alongside the other four Urban Rurals, plus works by Peter Blake, Joe Tilson, Jamie Reid and Richard Hamiltion

The Tears Of A Crown

‘The Tears Of A Crown’ new print available in a signed Limited Edition of just 15. This work looks at the debate North of the Border about Scottish independence, and is available from this site.

Subversion Gallery are celebrating their first birthday as Glasgow's leading Pop and Urban art gallery. They are now showing Brian's prints in the West End of Glasgow. They're based at 4 Ruthven Mews, 57 Ruthven Lane, (Partick) Glasgow G12 9BG, (...)

Pistols Pop n Dada

‘Pistols Pop n Dada’ has been selected for the ‘Journey’ themed show at the Qube Gallery, Oswestry, which runs from 11th September through to 31st October.

‘Zip It Up and Start Again’ screen print shows at the Gallery Graicki Kolectiv in Belgrade, Serbia, from 4th August until 18th August.

Zip It Up and Start Again Spain/Croatia

Brian's ‘Zip It Up and Start Again’ screen print is now showing at the Fundacion CIEC, Betanzos, Galicia, Spain.

The print is also showing simultaneously at GaleRica, Mkarska, Croatia.

Zip It Up and Start Again

‘Zip It Up and Start Again’ print is showing as part of the ‘Critical Mass’ portfolio at the Fundación ’ace para el Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires from December 1st 2013 to January 23 2014.

‘Zip It Up and Start Again’ shows in October at the Estampa Fair – Multiple Art, in Madrid.

‘Open Doors’ group show featuring studio artists from Llanfyllin's Workhouse: the Meadows Gallery, (...)

Deck The Walls

Brian will be showing 10 pieces at the ‘Deck The Walls’ original postcard exhibition, which opens at the Opus Gallery, Stow on the Wold, and runs from 8th December to 8th January.

Glad Tidings of Struggle and Strife: A history of protest Christmas cards’ at Newport Museum and Art Gallery, which runs from 27 October 2012 – January 12 2013, comprises of ex-MP Llew Smith's collection of over 1400 cards, which date from 1840. Alongside (...)

Censored again: ‘Brokeback Britain’

Brian has just produced the ‘Pudd Bomb’ edition for the ‘Answers on the Front of a Postcard’ exhibition at the Opus Gallery, Newcastle, which runs from 2nd December 2011 until 27 January 2012.

Censored again: ‘Brokeback Britain’, which was showing in public for the first time at the ‘Fistfull of Dolydd’ exhibition at the Workhouse Gallery, Llanfyllin, was removed from the show as one person complained about the work. (...)


‘Answers on the Front of a Postcard’, Opus Gallery, Newcastle. ‘Art Tube 01’, Subway Gallery, London ‘A Fistful of Dolydd’, Workhouse Gallery, Llanfyllin ‘Summer Exhibition’, Opus Gallery, Newcastle ‘Wrexham Print International’, Oriel Wrecsam