Art of Brian Jones

Apart website Apart Online presence of offline gallery - Apart was opened by Adrian Palengat in 2000, housed in what was formerly the Gray's Antique Market.
click to go to artrepublic website artrepublic The limited edition prints gallery featuring a collection of Brian Jones prints.
click to go to Art-el Gallery website Art-el Art-el supports new and fresh art and curates exhibitions, in different spaces and locations, and generally encourages people to have a voice through art.
ArtBeatz website ArtBeatz The Beats, Rock'n'Roll, Underground, Youth Culture, Counter-culture, past, present, and future culture.
ArtTube website ArtTube 01 London's first rolling art exhibition - 42 artists, one Piccadilly Line tube train.
The Babylon Academy logo The Babylon Academy Home of s-editions, publisher of some Brian Jones Limited Editions, along with those of dr.d, Jason Atomic, and more …
British Council website British Council The United Kingdom's international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations.
The Centre of Attention website The Centre of Attention The Centre of Attention is a London-based contemporary art gallery curated by Pierre Coinde and Gary O'Dwyer. The gallery's experimental approach stems from an ongoing enquiry into the phenomenon of art production, presentation, consumption and heritage-ization.
Colin Robinson's website Colin Robinson Colin Robinson's principal subject matter is the artificial image of women, with some reference to the pop art of the 1960s.
Continental Drifts website Continental Drifts UK's leader in event production services, creative party design and the best in new Circus, Cabaret & underground music. Heavily involved in Lost Vagueness.
Dada Discs website Dada Discs The home of Gene Serene’s label and stable
Dr.D's logo dr.d Official dr.d site - truly the Madame of the Billboard!
Dragon Collective logo Dragon Collective Live Music, DJs, Visual Arts and much more from this collective based in mid-Wales
Eddie Lock website Eddie Lock Eddie plays a journey of Hynpotic Grooves, Funky Basslines & driving Percussive Beats, capturing the Balearic vibe of Ibiza.
Eric's Club website Eric's Website documenting the legendary Eric's club, Liverpool, scene of my mispelt yoof.
BritArt website Eyestorm Work by many contemporary artists can be viewed and purchased here.
Free Rice website - play to donate rice to the World Food programme Free Rice Vocabulary-testing game - for each word that you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice to the World Food Program, paid for by ads. on the site.
Futile Gestures website Futile Gestures This site highlights the artistic activities of Rhys Mwyn and the Futile Gestures.
Gene Serene website Gene Serene Louise de Fraine is Gene Serene - up and coming London-based electroclash artist with several single releases and many live appearances to her credit.
Mau Mau logo Mau Mau Graffiti Art.
link to Mercy Centre Foundation blog The Mercy Centre Foundation appeal The Mercy Centre Foundation is a non-profit organisation in Bangkok. They build and operate schools, improve family health and welfare, protect street children's rights, combat the AIDS crisis, respond to daily emergencies, and offer shelter.
Mister H's logo Mr. H Founding father of the Skittish Empire.
link to band Noblesse Oblige's website Noblesse Oblige Depending on what you read, they either “controversially celebrate the radical exploration of the boundaries between music and peformance” or are “Offensive Nonsense!”.
link to ocontemporary Gallery in Brighton ocontemporary Discerning Brighton gallery, where selected original Brian Jones works are exclusively available for purchase.
link to Opus Art gallery in Gosforth Opus Art Opus Gallery in Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, showcases original works of art by established and upcoming artists along with exclusive limited edition prints by the world's leading contemporary artists.
link to Opus Underground gallery in Gosforth Opus Underground Opus Underground Gallery in Gosforth features cutting-edge urban street and graffiti art.
Organart Collective website Organart Collective Home of Org Records and Organ magazine. KISSING BIG UGLY SHARKS SINCE 1986.
Parallel YouNiversity website Parallel Youniversity TURN ON COMPUTER // TUNE IN TO FREED SPIRIT OF INTERNET // TAKE OVER!
rhys mwyn Rhys Mwyn Friend, collaborator, and all-round Cymro iawn fawr. website ### WARNING ### Skrufff-E includes news and links about sex, drugs, politics and clubs.
Sue Purcell Art website Sue Purcell Art Sue Purcell is an artist based in mid-Wales, whose work is inspired by the nature around her.
link to Llanidloes Anti-Tetra Mast Campaign website Tetra Offensive The Tetra Offensive - Llanidloes Anti-Tetra Mast Campaign
link to Tomtom website Tomtom Postwar art & design gallery and shop.
link to The Union Gallery website The Union Gallery Online gallery offering limited edition prints and originals of contemporary, cutting-edge and political art from every corner of the Union.
link to vip-24 music portal website VIP-24 Here you can buy music, win gig tickets and CDs, and discover some great resources in cyberworld.
link to Welsh Art Now magazine website Welsh Art Now The aims of the magazine are to increase awareness and understanding of Welsh art and to get more people talking about it.
link to World Printmakers website World Printmakers Pre-emptive Protest Anticipatory anti-war protest against the impending bombing of Iran by George W. Bush and his sinister cohorts.

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