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photocopy Timeshard Live cassette cover

© Brian Jones 1996

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‘Time Shard Live’

date : 1996

size : 4” x 4”

medium : photocopy.

notes : Front cover of a Limited Edition cassette-only live album by seminal cyber-druids, Time Shard. This bands' antics were to include burying a time capsule on the top of Parliament Hill (London) upon signing their deal, to launching their ‘Hunab Ku’ album by boat between the bridges of London on a Full Moon, in defiance of the Criminal Justice Act which outlawed free festivals. Apparently, their manager cursed the then Tory government, and almost 9 months to the day later, Britain elected a Labour government for the first time (shard) in almost 20 years. Spooky eh?.

comment : “Signed to the legendary Planet Dog Records, this band were doing it live before the Orb, label mates Eat Static, Underworld, Prodigy, KLF, or any other techno outfit you can shake a stick at. To quote a band member, they ‘coagulated like scum on a pond’. Throughout the 80's and early 90's, they played at every major free festival in Britain, including the infamous Castlemorton free fezzy (it was all Gobber's fault). In another incarnation, I spent five years travelling all over Europe with this shower. Amongst other things, I also designed the cover and labels for their live album, which I very nearly forgot about. To paraphrase Howard Devoto “they just came from Nowhere, and they're goin' straight back there”!”.
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