Art of Brian Jones

painting titled Le Dejeuner avec L'herbe

© Brian Jones 1983

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‘Le Dejeuner avec L’herbe’

date : 1983

size : 48” x 24”

medium : oil and collage on canvas.

notes : Theme by Manet, treatment by Jones. Throughout his works, Jones will often take a look at works by other artists, and ‘update’ / re-interpret them for contemporary audiences. Taking its cue from Manet’s painting, the “L’herbe” in question is being smoked. Gold foil is collaged onto the surface for the cigarette lighter. A very early example of collage within his paintings.

comment : “The two male figures are good friends of mine – the third figure was painted from a small sculpture I made called ‘The Mystery of Childbirth’ – I think I got that line from Patti Smith”.

Courtesy of Cameron collection
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