Art of Brian Jones

collage titled Land of The Fat

© Brian Jones 2008

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‘Land of The Fat’

date : 2008

size : 12” x 12”

medium : collage

notes : The artist was invited to by Rough Trade/ Street Art Awards 08, to produce an image adapting the sleeve of a well-known 7” or 12” vinyl record. Brian chose to work on ‘The Fat Of The Land’ by The Prodigy; replacing the crab with a burger, the ant with a cow, ‘Prodigy’ with ‘Prodigiously’, and turning the title back on itself, ‘The Land Of The Fat’ will be raffled/autioned to raise funds for the Single Homeless Project.

comment : “A comment on the fast-food culture of the West and its resulting ill-health; half the planet is over-weight, while the other half starves.”
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