Art of Brian Jones

collage titled IOU

© Brian Jones 2008

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date : 2008

size : 11½” x 8½”

medium : collage

notes : The ultimate in promisory notes… “I promise to pay the bearer in the next life” - another of Brian's images for Welsh Art Now magazine.

comment : “The ancient Britons/Brythons, so I believe, would lend money and accept payment in the next life, which I used as a starting point.

The horseshoe: in 1799 David Jones of Llandovery set-up the Black Sheep Bank, which ran as an independent bank until 1909 (when it was bought by Lloyds). Jones was a drover by profession, and drovers were held in high regard when it came to entrusting them with amounts of money and promisory notes.

An old traveller friend of mine tells me that a sign of the drovers was the horseshoe with a dot to the right, so it's tipping the hat to the drovers as well as wishing the bearer luck.... one day!.”
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