Art of Brian Jones

painting titled For Foot's Sake

© Brian Jones 2007

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‘For Foot's Sake’

date : 2007

size : 23¼” x 33½”

medium : oil and collage

notes : In this piece, which wittily plays on an oft-heard phrase of Brian's, he has collaged a fabric tape measure directly on to the canvas to both comprise the text and frame the composition.

comment : “I don't like the metric system at all; I've got a mate who is a builder who swears by mm for their accuracy, but I'm unpersuaded. Finally, the EU has ruled that the imperial measurement system can run in parallel to the metric system in Britain, and greengrocers will not-longer be fined for selling bananas by the lb. I also felt completely ripped-off as a kid; when we went to Rhyl, I used to get 240 goes on a one-arm bandit for a quid: after decimalization (metrication of my money), I suddenly only got 100 goes. I still speak in ‘old money’ and measure in inches, because they relate to proportions, clocks and calendars.”
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