Art of Brian Jones

painting titled (Re) UK

© Brian Jones 2007

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‘(Re) UK’

date : 2007

size : 33½” x 23¼”

medium : oil

notes : There has been much talk of the dis-integration of the United Kingdom with the introduction of the Scottish parliament and the Welsh assembly. The fact that Wales is not represented on the Union Jack is addressed in this painting by Brian Jones.

comment : “If Y Ddraig Goch / The Red Dragon (of Wales) was added to the existing Union Jack, it would look mad and pose major problems for the College of Heralds. My version (as far as I can ascertain) is heraldically correct. To the English, Wales is not a country, but a principality, which is why it is not on the Union Jack; try telling that to a Welshman after a rugby Grand Slam!”
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