Art of Brian Jones

Collage titled King Billy

© Brian Jones 2003

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‘King Billy’

date : 2003

size : 11¾” x 8¼”

medium : collage and ink.

notes : Billy Fury as the King of British Rock ‘n’ Roll, edged with “Itís good for your body, itís good for your soul”, hand-written around the border. This piece, quite aptly, showed at Jones’ ‘iCons’ Derry exhibition.

comment : “I had this piece sketched-out for quite a while, and produced it in the lead-up to Derry. Billy Fury in the imperial state crown - fantastic. He charted before the Beatles, and produced some excellent rockabilly tunes, before Decca put an orchestra behind him. A true star. This piece could equally have been called ‘The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Ė that Mott the Hoople track is a killer. Inspired by the song, it conjured-up this image in my mind; the border is tipping the hat to Ian Hunter”.
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