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Gene Serene painting

Gene Serene painting - detail

‘Gene Serene’

date : 2006

size : 31½” x 23½”

medium : oil and collage.

notes : First in the series of five portraits of the Dada Gods, this painting combines many elements of Jonesí works, including impasto, brush work and collage. Since 2004 Jones has undertaken to produce visuals for Ms. Serene, from the DaDA Discs and G.S. logos, to sleeves for her releases to date. This painting, based on a series of photographs taken by Jones at Electrogogo (London) also features the artwork (used as projection) of the now highly sought-after limited edition white vinyl 7”, ‘Electric Dreams’.

comment : “When I looked at the snaps Iíd taken, this particular image stood-out as a strong, almost graphic depiction of Genie in live action. I spent many hours firstly looking at the photograph in question, then applying various techniques to achieve an impression of the essence of her performance. I could have simply ‘painted a photograph’, but that is not how I work”.

© Brian Jones 2006

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