Art of Brian Jones

collage titled No Radiation

© Brian Jones 2006

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‘No Radiation’

date : 2006

size : 8½” x 11½”

medium : collage.

notes : Another recurring motif in Jones' works, are his series of ‘subverts’ produced over the years. This piece transforms the classic Rodchenko beer ad, into an anti-mobile phones warning.

comment : “The original is great; coulda cribbed-it very quickly in Photoshop, but preferred to spend the time cutting-out every single piece with a scalpel. This was both to tip-the-hat to Rodchenko, and to end-up with a piece of artwork, instead of just another disc. I'm anti-radiation, and refuse to have a mobile; I know dudes who've had tumours and worse. People already know about the delights and downfalls of beer, but seem delighted with their mobiles. A scandal by any other name”.
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