Art of Brian Jones

collage titled Oil Addict

© Brian Jones 2006

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‘Oil Addict’

date : 2006

size : 8½” x 11½”

medium : collage.

notes : Produced in response to the “addicted to oil” comment, Jones subverts the 80's anti-heroin ads; the text reads as follows:

When life doesn't seem that great, oil might seem a great way to have a few laughs.
But it won't be long before the fun turns into a bad joke. You'll start looking ill, losing weight and feeling like death.
You'll lose control of your mind as well as your health. And eventually you might even risk death.
So if a friend offers you oil, don't treat it as a joke.
Otherwise oil might have the last laugh.

comment : “Being an artist is better than being a mass-murderer, or a bollitician”.
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