Art of Brian Jones

collage titled Fuck Dance Let's Art

© Brian Jones 1983

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‘Fuck Dance Letís Art’

date : 1983

size : 11¾” x 8¼”

medium : collage.

notes : Early collage using on old 78rpm sleeve, and a basic cut-and-paste technique. A version of this appeared in ‘The Time Is Now!’ magazine in 1987.

comment : “I did this years ago in response to the ‘Fuck Art Let’s Dance’ t-shirts that were about; they just looked wrong! At one point, Jon Savage asked me could he quote it as a line Ė hope I got a credit! I re-worked the image a couple of years ago, and in 2004 I produced some 6” x 4” screenprints of it. If it looks familiar, I got it from the same source as the Clash!”.
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